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Friday Random Mess of Stuff

Congrats to Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman on getting engaged.

HeMan Rocks Out.

And in irrelevant but funny-strange superhero-comic book news, 4 Color Review reports that John Byrne is warring with his wikipedia entry.

Re: Friday Random Mess of Stuff

I guess the old entry will be restored after he dies?

<a xhref="" target=blank>Kiwis by beat!</a>

Re: Friday Random Mess of Stuff

I was looking through the history of that article and a large portion of that does seem to revolve around his battles on other artists and a bunch of controversies. While they may be factual, I can see why the man doesn't have interest in keeping them there. I can't see why he didn't want to keep the bit about his career, tho.