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Strip News 11-6-9





  • And lapsing back into the theoretical, another way we might be able to distribute our free comics is through Scribd. I got the hint from here (#62) and you can already see items like Nosey Parker and Way oF The Samurai on there, plus all this comic stuff. Why not put some of our best webcomic archives (with links to your site) into a pdf and add it there?


  • Sometimes I run across supers comics that give me hope that not all is lost. In this well written story, Detective Montoya met up with Two-Face and in this other one Babs faced off against Lois Lane. Both had tension and real character in them.
  • I was reading this review of Aria 5 and towards the bottom, there is a mention of “a lengthy introduction.” That, through a few uninteresting mental gyrations, brought me to recall every Robotech episode’s insistence on restating ‘how-we-got-here’ at the beginning of every show. I found myself wondering if that would be a useful technique for story oriented online comics as opposed to having to constantly update an about page. It could be worked into the regular updates or back-placed after a new chapter/season/storyline is started. I’m imagining it would educate the reader, catch them up to speed and prep them for the new wonders in the storyline before them – without giving everything current away on the about page. And now, of course, I am starting to think about applying the same principles to cast pages… sometimes you’ll see comics with cast pages included in the updates. For a story based comic, a character update with a brief history and maybe some foreshadowing might be a good thing. At the very least, these things could provide for more interesting filler updates when the main story update isn’t ready yet. Anyway, this is just me thinking out loud again…
  • But let’s look at some advice that’s a little less theoretical. We get some tips on the four questions to ask about your character, how to create distinct characters like a daring archeologist, how to build and more importantly, talk to your character with some solid advice about the setting you place them in.
  • A couple of sobering thoughts: Whereof One Can Speak has its last post ever and Robot 6 has an article basically advising that us all to make our comics have an ending.
  • Charlotte got the axe. Boing Boing brought us a shot from Imaginative Realism and a 400ft long graphic novel.
  • You probably don’t want to miss the post where Project Fanboy discusses the origins (or rebirth) of grim and gritty comics. It all begins with a quote from Alan Moore
  • The Art of Non-Conformity brought us an inspiring artist interview with the quote “I did it with nothing, because nothing is free.” Scott McCloud gets the least word where he shared a text only comic contest. By the time you read this, the contest will be closed to entries but maybe we’ll see something inspiring.