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Tuesday News and Views

Ninth Art comments on Warren Ellis' new site The Engine and it's no superheroes rule.

The Guardian interviews Garry Trudeau about the return of Doonesbury to its website. has a page full of Jason Shiga goodness. Shiga is the creator of Fleep and other comics.

This is funny: Top 10 Cheap Ploys To Sell Comic Books.

Microsoft notices Flash - will counter with Sparkle. I'm not familar enough with Flash myself to know whether or not Microsoft's initiatives described here are a potential alternative or vaporware in the making. Still I couldn't resist writing "Flash Vs. Sparkle".

Speaking of odd battles: how about Arial vs. Helvetica?

And how about a rookie plug: Lancaster the Ghost Detective is set to hit its 1 year anniversary on October 6th. Lancaster the Ghost Detective (hosted on SpiderSpawn) is a story-based comic about a ghost detective named Lancaster and his adventures discovering ghosts, battling evil and going toe to toe with some of the fiercest creatures the afterlife can throw at him.

Re: Tuesday News and Views

Katie Sekelsky's picture

Although not comic related, as a graphic design student and typophile, I really must thank you for the Helvetica vs. Arial link. XD

Re: Tuesday News and Views

I'll second the Lancaster plug. It's a pretty impressive comic, especially at five strips a week.