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The Single Panel vs Multi-Panel Debate

The Single Panel vs Multi-Panel Debate

I received a note from a long time reader who felt that he was enjoying the PC Weenies less as a multi-panel comic than when it was a single panel comic. It was sad to see him go, because invariably when a cartoonist loses a reader for good, it makes the artist question his own abilities.

That said.

While I enjoyed the heck out of my 8 year run as a single panel comic, it’s something I don’t want to revisit on a regular basis. Two years ago, at this time, I was getting incredibly burnt out with single panel comics. I had contemplated throwing in the towel.

Switching to multi-panel comics gave me some new found energy and got me excited about making comics again. Does that mean you’ll *never* see another new single panel PC Weenies comic? Nope. If the idea merits a single panel toon, then it will be a single panel ‘toon. Otherwise, I’m personally enjoying the extra room I have with the multi-panel format.