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Cartoonists Assemble!

Hey, cartoonists! Holmes, of the truly excellent vintage comic strip site Barnacle Press, needs your help! I know that all of us who are familiar with BP love the site (and are all big fans of Everett True!) and I have a feeling that those of you seeing it for the first time are going to fall in love. BP does a great service for fans of classic cartooning, and now they could use some help with a very fun project (which is both on a very tight deadline and nonexistent budget).

Here's the deal: Barnacle Press has a really neat project coming out, for which they need 45 spot illustrations. And they can't pay. And they need it by this upcoming Monday. But trust me when I say that it is a very awesome project - I had to turn it down just because of the amount of work currently on my plate, although I may try to find the time to do one or two myself, depending on the response.

The drawings do not need to be complex, just small spots based on information which Holmes will provide you. If you're interested, drop him a line at holmes -at-, and spread the word!