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The Fun of Doing Comics

Recently I've been stumbling around with the whole "how do I keep this drawing comics thing fun when it is my job?' thing. I know it sounds kind of weird, because drawing comics IS fun, but once the thing that you used to do "for fun" becomes the thing you do for work ... okay, it's not like it STOPS being fun, I LOVE doing it, but it becomes something ... else.

I went to school for animation, and have worked in the animation industry for a few years, and all during that time I drew comics for fun. I always thought that drawing would be something hard to keep going with once I started pursing it as a career, but animation is different enough from comics so that wasn't a problem. I have an animation friend in Ontario who I like to meet up with and talk shop whenever I'm back there visiting and he works in animation to pay the bills, and does comics on the side. When I last saw him he was drawing storyboards for an animated show, and having a hard time working on his comics. He said it was difficult to find motivation to work on his comics while he was drawing storyboards because when you storyboard "you use the same part of your brain you use for comics. It's just too similar." I kind of know how he feels now.

I love doing comics, but when I take a few hours off on the weekend, and think about the things I want to do during my off time, and how oh gosh, it'd be nice to draw some comics for fun, the minute I think that some slightly exhausted person inside me shrieks (usually in a British accent, because I have a British interior monologue) "NNNNNNOOOOO you just did that for the past EIGHTY HOUUURRRRSS!" ... and that is why I end up dreamily staring at the TV for several hours on a Saturday without my sketchbook in hand, something Past Me would be horrified at, since previously I would never sit in front of the television without a sketchbook on which to sketch furiously.

Comics are so much fun. But they are also my work. But they're fun... I want to do more of them, but I've been drawing so many pages of them the thought of picking up my pencil and drawing another is a terrible drag, and shouldn't I be doing something fun during my downtime? Something fun like drawing comics?

... it's about this time that I attempt to turn off my British interior monologue, and retreat to watching reruns of Law & Order.