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Hey, Star Wars (expanded universe) Nerds, a question:

From the plethora of Star Wars-spunoff novels and story collections, what sticks out to you as the most iconic covers?

I ask out of curiosity, and because I have two choices. When I was just a little shaver, I was pretty obessed with pulp novels, and I gladly welcomed into the same circle as Tarzan and John Carter the trilogy of Han Solo ... er, solo adventures (well, he had Chewie with 'im, anyway), They were awful, mind you, but I loved 'em, and despite (or perhaps 'because of') drawing its central pose from a pretty famous movie still, I always thought Han Solo and the Lost Legacy was really striking.

Then there is, of course, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, which does have a really strong cover image, and earns some gravitas as being the first original fiction written for the Star Wars universe.

Outside'a those two, though, none come to mind - I only ever read Splinter and the Han Solo books. So, above-referenced nerds, what cover art from the multitude of Star Wars stands out as iconic to you? There's gotta be some, there's like a bazillion of those books.