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My Mom wants hugs for Christmas. ADORABLE.

My mom's Christmas list:

corn hole set:made by a handy man. Bags must be purchased. go to cornhole association for details.
cd of Christian music-not too rocky, a bit mellow
a song sung for us all
a drawing of something beautiful
conversation around the table

She is definitely not in the spirit of getting lots of stuff which is what Christmas is about anyway. But I'm always delighted when people ask for artwork instead of gifts because HAHAHAHAH CHEAP PRESENT. Yes, handcrafted gifts totally mean more*.

Anyway, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love everything about it: I love the shopping, I love the warm feeling you get when you look at a Christmas tree, I love seeing my family who I don't get to see very often, I love that when I go home because I am a "guest" I don't have to do the dishes (HAH), and I love getting stuff that I wouldn't normally buy. CHRISTMAS RULES. Except for the music. Christmas music kind of blows. And nobody's making me watch It's a Wonderful Life again. I have served my time on that movie. Dammit Jimmy Stewart, if you were just a little better at suicide, we wouldn't have that annoying movie.

*I am kidding, Mom. I love you.