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#2: Asterios Polyp

Asterios Polyp
Pantheon Books (David Mazzuchelli) 2009
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It’s always surprised me that Mazzuchelli’s name is so rarely mentioned - if ever - in the same breath as Chris Ware or Dan Clowes, although that arguably has as much to do with properties as anything; Clowes has Eightball and its wealth of movie material, Ware has Acme Novelty Library and its recurring characters, while – an excellent body of work aside, Mazzuchelli had the experimental and generally under-the-radar Rubber Blanket.

Asterios Polyp – adeptly laid out, vibrant, complex, and (much like James Joyce’s Ulysses) one of those books which teaches the reader how to read it as they go - is very likely the book which will change Mazzuchelli’s fortunes. Very far removed in style from the journeyman work of his younger days and distinctly his own voice (unlike the excellent 1994 adaptation of Paul Auster’s book City of Glass, probably Mazzuchelli’s best known work since Batman:Year One or Daredevil: Born Again but, while a clever adaptation, an adaptation under another writer), it’s distinctly a series of visual and structural signatures which are among the most stirring in modern comics.

Asterios Polyp