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Art show at Howard House

Blood of the White Bat

Last night's show opening at Howard House was truly unbelievable; About a dozen members of the FOTN in good standing, many good friends swinging by, 400 pieces of art on the wall - every one of them a gem.

Weirdest thing of the night is that the first three pieces I sold were literally my least favorite pieces in the show. The very first one which sold, in fact, I was on the fence about even submitting. Clearly, I do not know what people like. My career, ladies anhd gentlemen.

I drew the above during a jam session last night, it's marker on chipboard. I was complimented on how fast I drew it. It took like an hour and a half. It is mostly black. Cartoonists are obviously slow, like the loris.

Man, seriously though, amazing show - be sure to check it out (Oh, and thanks to [info]mr_bloober for swinging by, it was great to meet you!)