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Millikin Art Appearing in Detroit Metro Times

Eric Millikin was asked, along with some of the rest of the best artists in Detroit, to do some full page color artwork for The Detroit Metro Times's 25th anniversary issue.

You can download a beautiful PDF of the special section they printed here. Millikin's illustration is on page 23. The newspaper is also auctioning off a print of Millikin's artwork at 5th Avenue Billiards in downtown Deroit, with the money raised going to a downtown Detroit soup kitchen that feeds starving people during the holidays.

Re: Millikin Art Appearing in Detroit Metro Times

Ryan Estrada's picture

I dunno what happened! I don't remember the Metro Times being cool! But I come back to Michigan after a couple years overseas, and not only this, but they're running Perry Bible Fellowship? How cool is that?