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Five Cartoonists I Don't Get

Interesting question, but mostly not unexpected responses from readers to this week's The Comics Reporter Five For Friday feature, "Name Five Cartoonists You Just Don't Get". In fact, many of the reader responses one suspects are more of the "I Don't Like" variety.

Re: Five Cartoonists I Don't Get

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I think there's a clear difference between not liking something for any number of reasons and NOT GETTING something. To honestly "not get something" implies that the reader cannot understand something crucial about the work that apparently others do get and appreciate.

Perhaps that's not a distinction that would occur to others, but it seems if Tom just wanted a list of comic artists people don't like he would have asked that question instead?

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Re: Five Cartoonists I Don't Get

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I've never heard of any of the people who posted their responses (the people bitching, rather than the objects of exercise). Should I have?

Kelly J. Cooper
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Re: Five Cartoonists I Don't Get

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I know for the last year of It's Walky! a lot of people didn't "get it" but still liked the strip. A number of Superosity readers also don't really have a clue what the hell is going on, either, but we still read it. It's a little like appreciating a foreign film. You enjoy some of the characters or the witty dialogue, but you honestly couldn't explain it to somebody who didn't know what you were talking about

- Ben

Re: Five Cartoonists I Don't Get

Well, I personally don't care much for urban fantasy, so COTC doesn't interest me that much. But I get it; I can understand why people like COTC even if it's not my cup of tea.

OTOH, I simply fail to see what anyone can see in Sinfest. (Unless it's massively changed since I last read it.)

Re: Five Cartoonists I Don't Get

Some of them are comics journalists (as in journalists who write about comics, not like Joe Sacco). Derek Badman and Alan David Doane are both with Comic Book Galaxy (like myself), for instance. I think most of them are just readers of The Comics Reporter.

Re: "In fact, many of the reader responses one suspects are more of the "I Don't Like" variety," I don't know that there IS a difference between "not getting" and "not liking" someone's work.