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Dumbrella Splits from Vault Distribution

I don't have the full story yet, but Dumbrella has set up it's own shop for t-shirts, leaving Neil G's Vault Distribution. (Neil G is the creator of Robot Stories and the founder of Dayfree Press.)

John Allison, creator of Scary Go Round wrote recently:

Following a precipitous deterioration of service from Vault Distribution, Scary Go Round's shirts are now shipping from the Dumbrella Distribution Depot in Massachusetts. Hopefully most problems have now been dealt with but if you ordered books or a shirt other than "Books Rule" before October 14th and haven't received it, please email me at john -at- with "SGR ENQUIRY" in the subject line and we will get on it immediately.

Re: Dumbrella Splits from Vault Distribution

Yeah, I had ordered a Ninja shirt and it took an awfully long time to get to me. I e-mailed the creator though, name escapes me before coffee, Rstevens maybe? and I think he cracked the whip and got it sent within a few days after that.

Distribution AM hard. :)