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Almost Merry Christmas!

Hey, it's Christmas in five days or something! Merry Christmas everybody!

(This is a card I made for Strange Adventures, but we'll just pretend it's for everybody, since I don't have time to do a Christmas card for the internets.)
Man, was this whole month a giant failure in terms of work... freelance and other things distracting me away from my comic-making, and to make matters worse, pretty much all my friends are up and leaving Halifax due to the general awfulness of the animation industry here, so what little extra time I had was spent with them. Sad, sad, sad times. Sucks when people leave.

I haven't been able to work on Ice much lately. I have a few pages pencilled, but wasn't able to finish them... so much for a year end update. Sorry! :( I'm still plugging away, though. SLG and I have spoken about them publishing it, and it's something I'd like to do, with some changes and updates to the story, which has been going on for far too long. Anyway, I hope that the Small Press Publishing Gods are kind to both SLG and me, and we'll be able to make that happen next year. I feel uncomfortable with the idea of my older work being passed around in book form, but I think that with the changes I want to make, Ice could possibly be a nice little graphic novel. I won't mess with the online content, and it will remain up, so I'm planning for there to be two different versions of Ice, one online and one offline. That's the plan. We'll see what happens.

I feel kind of in flux lately regarding comics and the internet. It's really weird. During my time doing Demonology 101, I never told anyone in Real Life that I drew an online comic, mostly because I felt kind of like I wasn't a REAL comic book artist. Now that I'm working full-time doing a book for a "real" publisher (whatever that word means) I miss the internet, and the interaction with readers, and I feel like I should be doing more art/comics/whatever online ('cause, y'know, if I don't, people might forget about me oh nooooo!). Sometimes I draw a panel in Friends With Boys, and feel pretty bummed about the fact that no one will see this panel for another two years. It's hard to be patient.

Unfortunately, I have never made money off my online comics, so it's hard to try and make anything online a priority when you have paying work demanding your attention. I'd really like to finish Ice (God, when??? wheeennn???) and move on to some kind of comic that actually works online, rather than a long-form story. Which doesn't work. And doesn't sell t-shirts or any of the stuff that makes online comics sustainable. Anyway, these thoughts are probably more of a result of me being a horrible worrier more than anything (must have many revenue streams to pay bills! Can't hitch only wagon to shaky print industry! What if everything fails? What if??? AHHHH! Dogs and cats living in sin together!). Even if I have nothing to worry about, I worry about cosmic death rays or something. Bah, humbug.

On the days that I don't let the publication date for the book bug me, working on Friends With Boys is awesome. I love drawing it. Sometimes the story weirds me out, like how there's little bits of things I went through in high school, and I get nervous over it, because it's like picking at a scab you didn't realize was still there. People who are honest, honest, honest to God memoirists are masochists, I think. But man, I love drawing comics. Please, Comic Gods, let me do this forever and ever.