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stripShow 2.5 released!

I’m pleased to announce the release of version 2.5 of stripShow, the all-in-one webcomics solution for WordPress!

Version 2.5 features AutoComic, allowing webcomics creators to use virtually any WordPress theme, not just themes designed specifically for webcomics. Thanks to the magic of JavaScript, you can mix comics with your regular blog and still take advantage of stripShow’s features such as searchable transcripts and storylines.

Also new in 2.5 is a handy interface to add comics directly from WordPress’s Add Post page. No longer do comics have to be added from a separate page.

The default stripShow template theme, stripShow Sandbox, has gotten a bit of a facelift as well, but don’t worry. These changes are confined to a separate file, so they won’t affect existing child themes that don’t import that file.

Why stripShow? Well, obviously the vast majority of webcomics artists use ComicPress, and that works very well for them. I see stripShow 2.5 as straddling ComicPress in terms of user ability. For the absolute newbie, it allows you to use any pre-packaged WordPress theme. ComicPress is itself a theme, so there's no support for using a different one. Many creators love the out-of-the-box feel of ComicPress, but some prefer other themes. For the more advanced user, stripShow provides more customization options. Its highly-customizable parent theme and template tags make it possible to do nearly anything with it. I see it as sort of a Swiss army knife of webcomics.

stripShow 2.5 can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

I'm always looking for new ideas to improve stripShow, and now I'm looking for help developing it as well. Both WordPress developers and web designers are desired, as it's tough to juggle both tasks alone. If you're interested, send me a private message here or over on the stripShow site.