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Reminder: I'll be at Intervention and SPX This Weekend

I would love to meet folks at Intervention and SPX this weekend.  I'll be at Intervention all day Friday and later on Saturday; at SPX early on Saturday and all day Sunday.  Feel free to email or tweet me if you're going to be at either one this weekend.

I'll be on a panel at Intervention on Saturday at 5 PM.  My first and possibly only panel appearance ever!

The Outside Perspective: Webcomic Review/News Sites
As the webcomics phenomenon has grown it’s natural that a news/review sphere has developed around this art form. This panel will talk about the sites that are out there, the challenges of tracking a “scene” that is as infinite as the Internet itself, and what motivates the people who take up the challenge of talking about webcomics.
Panelists: Xaviar Xerexes, Kara Dennison, Mike Rhodes

I'll also be doing some interviews but mostly looking at comics and catching up with as many people as possible.