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Intervention 2010 Photos

A few photos from Intervention Con 2010 this weekend in Bethesda, MD.  

Chezhnian Angelus and Erin Fitzgerald

Chezhnian Angelus and Erin Fitzgerald, creators of the webcomic Tamuran, speaking at the World Building panel.

Barb Fischer, Chris Flick, Darren Gendron, and Ben Tovias

Barb Fischer (Sledgebunny), Chris Flick (Capes -N- Babes), Darren Gendron (Hello With Cheese), and Ben Tovias (Reality Amuck) speaking at Being a Parent With A Webcomic panel.

Ross Nover and Bree Rubin

Ross Nover (The System) and Bree Rubin (Sex, Drugs and June Cleaver) at Super Art Fight.

The Wheel of Death

The Wheel of Death at Super Art Fight.