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Interview with Chris Impink of Sledge Bunny

I had a chance to do a quick interview with Chris Impink at Intervention.  Chris is the artist for a new webcomic -- Sledge Bunny -- his previous project was the webcomic Fragile Gravity.  Sledge Bunny is about roller derby and this is a great point to jump in -- a healthy archive has set up the characters and now things are about to happen!  Chris is also one of the founders of Super Art Fight - a live art competition, sort of a combination of WWF and pictionary.  Chris and tag-team partner Jamie Noguchi won their bout last Saturday night (No kidding on the WWF part -- opponent Bryan Prindeville picked Jamie up and his tag team partner Kelsey Wailes duct-taped his legs together.  I was half expecting someone to break out a deck chair on someone!)