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Well, this is awkward...

Nice to see that the ol' username and password combo still works. When I discovered that the Small Press Expo was taking place in my neck of the woods, I thought of this place for some reason, back when I wrote reviews in the world of webcomicry. Back when I read a ton of webcomics a day as opposed to about three a week. There are some webcomics I used to frequent that I haven't checked in several months. Not for any particular reason, they just slipped down my list of priorities.

I had a similar feeling as I walked through the ballroom that was commandered by the many, many artists and their tables full of merchandise for sale. Especially the Topatoco collective, that corner of the room was bursting with activity as the guy behind Dresden Codak was struggling to figure out how to keep a book standing upright. For all the time he spent on the transhumanist infodumping in his comic you think the guy could construct a wedge or two to keep that book in place.

Ugh, I'm getting off track here. My point is that I guess I've just grown up in some ways, suddenly not caring all that much about comics like I used to. Even though I purchased some work from artists I liked and others that looked promising, my bag full of swag has been sitting on the floor for a few days now, relatively untouched. Like those aforementioned bookmarked webcomics, they've just slipped down my list of priorities.

I don't know quite why I'm writing this here. I guess I could mention some webcomics that I still like. Maybe I will at some point. But for now, I just don't see the reason to get passionate or up-in-arms over the world of webcomicry like I once did a few years ago. Tastes change, I guess.