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Marissa’s Bunny

A SPECIAL MAILBAG EDITION:  Jordan Anderson wrote in to "bring to your attention some generosity by a few webcomics creators. Lar deSouza, Ryan Sohmer and Tim Buckley have brought some attention to a story of a father raising awareness of a rare disease that his daughter was born with. The father created a blog, Marissa’s Bunny, over two years ago with the idea of bringing the story of Infantile Spasms to the rest of the world. Through a set of rabbits that go by a shared name of Fairfax, people around the globe have been telling the tale of Marissa and her disease. The blog shares the highs and lows, the hope and frustration, but most importantly the love."

"More recently, the family has come to a difficult decision. As other treatments have come by with little to no results, a more invasive procedure was put on the table. A costly brain surgery was brought forth as a potential way to lessen seizure activity. Facing fewer and fewer options for treatment, they reluctantly agreed to go forward. Finally caving into pressure from the people around them, Mike decided to put up a chip-in to raise money for Marissa’s upcoming surgery. With an estimate of $28,500 of out of pocket expenses, the family is faced with quite a substantial burden on top of having paid out thousands, upon thousands of dollars already. These creators have rallied their fans to help out a family in need. In the three days since posting on their respective front pages, they have helped raise $6279.50 as of the time I write this."

However, this isn’t the first time that comic creators have brought attention to this awareness campaign. In August 2008, Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade hosted one of the Fairfax rabbits. Perhaps you have seen some videos from a certain Jonathan Coulton and Felicia Day with this bunny during PAX08. They all shared the stage together during a performance of “Still Alive.” Also, Tim of CAD hosted a bunny in April 2009 (that still resides with him) during his time remodeling his newly purchased home. More recently, Lar deSouza has been hosting another bunny that goes by the name of Flannigan that was brought aboard to help in the cause. Lar has been taking this bunny along with him during Blind Ferret’s entire convention season, even their upcoming conventions in Australia and New Zealand. During this time, Lar has been doing his part to inform people of the story, letting people know all over Canada and the States of this heartbreaking tale.

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