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Manga Noir

I think it’s best for webcomic creators to maintain a blog, but since I work slow and tend not to bitch about the little things everyone else does it doesn’t pay for me to do something weekly so I’m going to try and make this a quarterly blog.

First off, I’ve gotten a few of these comments in the past, but I’ve started to get them again so looking back at my art work I find apparently my comics have a noir pulpy feel. I was never actually trying for this; I was just going for a manga feel, but I’ll take it. It’s not like manga and noir haven’t been blended before its just isn’t done that often.

Second, on the production end of things I got a distributor and lost a distributor. Signed the contract, everything was a go, and then they decided that the comics were too violent and sexual and didn’t want to sell them. Now on to the comics themselves; Hitokiri is currently competing in the 4th International Manga Awards. Also Disciples Vol.1, Hitokiri Vol.1, Cheney’s Got A Gun graphic novel, and American Manga-Ka Anthology are now available on Amazon. Hitokiri Vol.2 and Eternal Damnation Vol.1 are now in print. Except for Hitokiri Vol.2 and American Manga-ka all the above mention tittles are available as E-books. I’m also working on Kindle versions.

Last but not lest I have two new webcomics that just started recently: The Tank Baron and Curse Reborn. Come and check them out.