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Thursday Already?

It is just one of those weeks - next week looks like it might be a lost cause too.  Anyone want a guest blogging spot next week? Have your computer talk to my computer.

I am going to blog about your insolence!

In the meantime I wanted to plug Gordon McAlpin's Multiplex book Enjoy Your Show which definitely deserves a full review (hopefully soon!).  When the comic started I mistook it for another comic about movies when all along it's an epic tale about people who work at a movie theater (many of whom love movies).  This is a collection of the first year -- some of the art definitely looks like it, but the writing and pacing is already there.  A really well done production of a book too. And look Bryan Lee O'Malley gave it a plug -- "Multiplex perfectly portrays the real foibles and friendships of a lousy job with a couple of perks. Also, it looks round and colorful and sweet, like delicious candy. I recommend reading Multiplex over getting an actual job."

One more note -- former ComixTalk contributor Derik Badman has a new column up at the Hooded Utilitarian called Permanent Ink.  Please go check it out - Derik is a very engaging writer who brings thoughtful, knowledgeable criticism to comics.