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Where Is Chris Crosby?

Chris Crosby out of the Daily Grind? Superosity and Sore Thumbs un-updated on time? Definitely a sign we're in teh end times.

On this Websnark thread there were reports of heavy weather in Keenspot HQ, South Dakota so more likely then not it's simply a matter of the power being out.

Re: Where Is Chris Crosby?

Jamie Robertson's picture

Yes, that's what it is. Unfortunately, they are snowed in with no power. :( Word came through a few hours ago.

Re: Where Is Chris Crosby?

Yeah, I checked up on the news there, the local TV stations/ newspapers online, because I was a little worried after Erics post... So, i think thank god, it was the blizzard.

He's probably shacked up in the old school drawing comics about being stuck in a friggin crazy snowstorm. I just hope the townsfolk aren't panicking and eating each other yet.