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Next webcomic-related salvo at the bestseller book list: Girl Genius

Phil and Kaja Foglio have faith in Girl Genius (reviewed here).

They believe the character is strong enough to transcend the comic book format.

Which is why the Foglios are retelling Agatha Heterodyne’s story in their all new ebook, Agatha H and the Airship City, a novelization published by sci-fi/fantasy publisher Baen books.

But that’s not all! Phil Foglio has a devious plan to get everyone to buy the book when it goes live on Amazon. From his LiveJournal:

… we are launching a campaign that I’m calling ‘A Gift For Kaja’. If you are planning on buying Agatha H and the Airship City from, we ask that you hold off from pre-ordering, and buy it on January 12, 2011. The idea is that if enough people buy a book on a particular day, it will rise in the sales ranks. The higher we can get it, the better. Yes, it’s just for the one day, but if we get it high enough, then other people, people not already Girl Genius aficionados, will notice, and we hope, check it out.

Are the Foglios mad? you ask. Perhaps. But remember, the Foglios have not won one, but TWO Hugo Awards for Best Graphic Story (besting Bill Willingham on Fables, Brian K. Vaughan on Y: The Last Man, Joss Whedon on Serenity, and Neil Gaiman on Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?) If they be mad, perhaps they have good reason. After all, I imagine the Hugos, being a fantasy/science-fiction award first, values a strong storytelling narrative over other things.

This is but the first incursion into media beyond sequential art. An audionovel is not far behind. Can a movie be in the works? And will Agatha Heterodyne be played by Miley Cyrus?

(h/t Robot 6)

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