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Comix Talk for Friday, January 28, 2011

A few things from the web worth reading this morning:

DIGITAL COMICS: Brigid Alverson compares a couple of recent stories on pricing and profits in digital comics distribution.  One of those stories is Todd Allen's breakdown of the revenue on a digital comic sale versus a print comic sale.

AWARDS:  Are the Reubens the only major comics award program that doesn't recognize webcomics in some fashion?  Btw, submissions for nominations to the 2010 Reubens are dues by February 6th.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Brigid Alverson links to Paul Gravett's series of creator profiles and recommended reading.

CRAFT: Evan Dorkin posts some panel work he's done recently for Oni's upcoming Yo Gabba Gabba! anthology.  Jeph Jacques also posted a sketch of some new characters for his webcomic Questionable Content.