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Cloud 9 Comix Brings Comics from Around the Globe to your iPad

Cloud 9 Comix is Australia’s first digital comic book publisher. Collecting the best of independent comics from all six continents, Cloud 9 Comix delivers some of the favorite titles from Italy, France, Croatia, India, Argentina, Australia, USA and many other countries, with a number of titles fully translated and adapted into English language for the very first time.

"We are big fans of the international comic book scene and we will bring a number of classic Italian fumetti, French BD, as well as titles from Asia and South America to the digital platform, starting with the iPad and following up with Android and other platforms in the coming months”, says founder Benjamin Slabak. “Furthermore, we will work with and support independent comic book authors and small publishers in making their titles available to an audience that’s wider than ever before. A myriad of digital tablets and e-reader devices are slated for release during 2011 and we expect the digital comic book scene to experience a boom in 2011”.

The iPad app, codenamed Silver Lining, available now as a FREE download from iTunes, was developed internally by Spectrum Pacific Publishing and it features a store-front that lists the available comics, previews of each comic, and a handy shelf feature where the purchased comics are stored and easily accessed. The simplicity of use of the app is one of its strengths and the comic book fans will surely enjoy flipping between the pages of the many comic books and graphic novels available in the store, with a number of free ones available to download. The full catalog of the comics is also available on the official website

Cloud 9 Comix has also collected the best of Australian comic book titles under its brand and titles such as Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Vienna, Dark Nebula, Southern Squadron, The Wraith, and others, which are already available for purchase in the Cloud 9 Comix iPad store. Mr Slabak drew attention to the quality and clarity of comics on the iPad which is “perfect for comic books and it allows one to take their comic book collection with them and read them on the go; and with most comics priced between $0.99 and $1.99 USD, it has never been more affordable to get back into the wonderful world of comics and graphic novels. Our catalog offers something for everyone, with new titles being added on regular basis”.

Small publishers and independent studios such as Red Handed Studios, Ratti Entertainment, Spinner Rack Comics, Black House Comics, Level 10 Comics, Azure Press, Heroic Publishing, Cinemacomics, Urban Style Comics, Vimanika Comics, and a vast number of others, have joined the ever-growing Cloud 9 Comix family, which now features over 150 unique titles from all six continents, making Cloud 9 Comix the only truly global digital comic book publisher. Additionally, comics will be available in a variety of languages including Italian, Spanish, German, Croatian, and others. 

“We are excited about launching Cloud 9 Comix and look very much forward to building our brand and reaching new audiences with much content never before accessible on the global scale. This is an opportunity for independent authors and publishers to show their labour of love to the world which would not be possible without the digital platform”, says Mr Slabak. “I invite everyone with an iPad to download our free app and sample some of the comic book titles available from us.”

Official Cloud 9 Comix promo video:

The Dark Nebula, The Southern Cross & The Southern Squadron are all now available through Cloud 9 Comix