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Comix Talk for Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hope you're having a good week - some stories you might find interesting to read in-between webcomics:

REVIEW: The Illinois-based Gapers Block website reviews the webcomic Hamster Rage.

SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE... WEBCOMICS! Okay actually it's a he, but you know - David Brin tosses out his list of science-oriented webcomics and it includes some obvious choices, plus some more obscure and older titles as well.

INTERVIEW: The Firestorm Fan blog interviews the 8-bit Brian Clevinger who lost his gig writing for Firestorm in the big DC relaunches everthing this year plan.

THE RACK IS BACK: Todd Allen notices comic books pamphlets on the magazine racks at Barnes & Noble.  I'm old enough to remember seeing a comic book spinning rack in the local Thriftys Drugstore growing up where I bought bundled reprints of Disney comic books. Hmm - Todd Allen also points out that he recently saw a bundled pack of comics at Sam's Club. Back to the future people!

HYPE: Brigid Alverson recommends checking out Gene Yang's and Thein Pham's webcomic Legend of Joystick.  This is the creative team between the new graphic novel Level Up from First Second Books.

HANDY ANDY: Grant Snider offers some advice for artists who can't draw hands.