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Pear-Pear Site Design Changes

In anticipation of the 100th comic, I spent some time this week on the Pear-Pear site, with two goals: creating a functioning archive page in keeping with the site's aesthetic; and a slight redesign of the feedback page. I also explored the possibility of finally creating an online store, but that may have to wait...not yet financially viable.

So, the archive page is now basically a column of images pulled from the comics at irregular intervals. These images serve as some kind of visual chapter-heading system. The idea was that any time a significant character or mini-arc was introduced, there should be an image that stood for it. Since Dreamweaver insisted that I supply alt text for the images, I also came up with makeshift chapter titles, but most viewers will just see the images, I'm guessing.

As for the feedback page, I tried to make it's purpose more specific--there is still an Intense Debate box for readers to leave comments, but now the page is more geared towards other webcomics creators. I put up some banners and moved the reviews and quotes from other webcomics creators closer to the top.

So, let me know what you think about these changes, if you get a chance! Thanks for reading:)