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Will Wacom Inkling Replace the Scanner?

By now I'm sure you've seen announcements of the new WACOM INKLING product -- sure does look cool doesn't it? 

I just upgraded to OS X Lion and it borked the twain driver for my epson 1240u scanner (unless o' Internets you know a work-around) so I know I have to do a little research and get a new decent scanner.  Those look to be around $100(?) right now (or maybe I'm being cheap?) which is half of the reported $200 price for the WACOM Inkling but on the other hand scanning in sketches is 90% of what I use this (now kind of useless) scanner for... Maybe this -- especially if lives up to the hype -- would be a better alternative to getting my initial sketches into the computer and ready to work on with Manga Studio.

UPDATE: I saw a nice blog post from Jason Chatfield - he got to use one while it was in development.