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Comic Transcription for People Who Hate Typing

I hate transcribing existing comics that were saved as flat files or did not have formal scripts typed up.  I really do. I know that transcripts are useful for making comic pages easier to find on search engines.  Transcripts give accessibility of my material to blind site visitors and foreign language readers.  That didn't stop me from procrastinating on this valuable task.   I just despise typing that much.

These days, I make up my transcripts using my scripts and the "What Did They Say?!?" plugin for WordPress.  Unfortunately, that still leaves me with a massive backlog of comics that are in desperate need of transcription.  I could theoretically wait and allow my readers to transcribe the pages for me, but as far as I am concerned, these folks are my guests, not unpaid slave labor.  Also, waiting isn't really my strong suit, so I'd rather not do it. Fortunately, I found a simple solution that requires no typing and a minimal amount of hassle.
My English language pages for SOUP Wars were transcribed using Free OCR, however, just about any optical character recognition software should work.  Here’s how I did it: