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Help Wanted: Artist Wanted for Horror Webcomic


I am Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz, art director and writer for Catnose Comics. You can learn more about me here: 
Are you a new and responsible cartoonist looking to work on paid entry level webcomics gig? Well, my colorist just got a promotion and I am very busy, so I currently have an opening for Rasputin Catamite. 
The pay is $30 per page. The rate is below market wage because of the budget available at this time. If merchandising and advertising revenues increase, then your pay will increase. The gig requires a twenty-six page commitment, with a possible option to increase the length of the term. If you need a flatter and/or color holds person to help speed up coloring or prepping your pencils for inking, we will gladly provide one at no charge. If you need for us to fill out internship assessments, we will do this as well. 
You will have an opportunity to read the script prior to taking on the assignment. If you have any problems with the occult, history, horror, teenagers in lust, gore, creepy characters/storylines, political incorrectness or bad language, I guarantee that you will HATE this gig with every fiber of your body. If you feel that this type of gig will negatively affect you in any way in the long run, don't take it. There are many excellent family-friendly opportunities for artists out there. We want someone who actually enjoys this kind of comic. 
Before you even decide to apply for this gig, please visit and familiarize yourself with the material. If you are uncomfortable with the webcomic, then please do not apply. 
Due to past problems with intellectual property disputes getting horribly out of hand, Catnose Comics will own copyrights to artwork. We will grant a full portfolio and a non-merchandising/not-for-sale self-promotion license on non-lettered art, plus royalties on advertising and merchandise when applicable. You must be able to accept Paypal and be punctual. You do not need to replicate the current art style. In fact, I prefer artist whose work reflects a distinct personality. 
If you want references from artists that have previously or currently worked with me, I will gladly provide them. 
If you are still interested in working on this webcomic, please send information and art samples to 
Thank you,