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Pear-Pear #103, and Scripting with the Monomyth

So, I've just posted a couple comics in the last couple of weeks. And I've been thinking about how to better "write" Pear-Pear so that I'm more motivated to update regularly. 

The answer, at least for now, is to use Campbell's Monomyth as a kind of outline. An original strategy? Hell no. But I bet I'm the first person to apply the monomyth to a pear.

Anyway, I've always been adverse to "jazzing up" Pear-Pear--that would go against the spirit of the strip. So even now I'm thinking, to give Pear-Pear an epic storyline, to turn it into some kind of Pixar movie plot would just be...bleh. But on the other hand, Pear-Pear's "rules" as a comic are very strict, and that strictness has become an excuse to avoid updating. In other words, I've been saying "no" too much, and the result is no updates. So it's time to take a risk and see what the monomyth can do for me.