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Eisner Judges Announced For Next Year

The Eisners, given out each year at the San Diego Comicon, have announced the panel of judges for the 2006 edition:

  • Christopher Allen: Managing Editor, Comic Book Galaxy; Contributing Writer, The Comics Journal and Movie Poop Shoot; Columnist, "Breakdowns," Comic Book Galaxy. Lives in San Diego area.
  • John Gallagher: Cartoonist, Buzzboy; Publisher and Designer, Sky-Dog Press; described as the driving force behind the More Fund and Even More Fund anthologies in the press release; member, SPX steering committee; member, Baltimore Comic-Con advisory board.
  • Nisha Gopalan: Comics Editor, Entertainment Weekly; former staffer, Premiere.
  • Robert Randle: Purchasing Brand Manager, Diamond Comic Distributors.
  • Robert Scott: Owner, Comickaze Comics Books and More, San Diego; founder, Comic Book Industry Alliance; publisher, AFC Studio.
  • Tom Spurgeon has a few more details at The Comics Reporter.

    Re: Eisner Judges Announced For Next Year

    Uncle Ghastly's picture

    Oh please! Oh please! Oh please let his be the year I finally win the Eisner for Tentacle Porn.

    What? The do have a tentacle porn award, don't they?