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Week 2 of the December Year in Review Issue

The second and last week of our December issue is up. Check out:

  • the second edition of our People in Webcomics List;
  • a new column from Eric Burns;
  • the very last Modern Humor Authority from Kristofer Straub;
  • an interview with Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of Perry Bible Fellowship; and
  • a review of Beaver & Steve, the winner of the WCCA Newcomer of the Year award.
  • Re: Week 2 of the December Year in Review Issue

    Joe Zabel's picture

    Overall a great issue, with great features all around! The only downside I see is that you're burning through the best webcomics out there-- Perry Bible Fellowship, A Lesson Is Learned, Scary Go Round-- what are you going to do for an encore?

    Especially nice work on the 25 People of Webcomics article. I notice that it and the Roundtable have really high hit counts; it seems like the public likes these longer, more complex pieces, however much some wags may argue against them.