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Drunk Duck Books Available from is releasing six books (two of which are in their second printing) through CAT!: Smile Big, GAAK, The Asylumaniacs: The First Four Years, UNA Frontiers Vol. 1, Drunk Duck: Drunk in Public (Anthology Vol. 1), and Drunk Duck: Drunk and Disorderly (Anthology Vol. 2).

Some are downloadable for as low as $3.95.

Books contain works from John Daiker , Scott Dalton, David Doub, Johan R. H., Matthew Genier, Gigi, KC Green, Amber "Glych" Greenlee, Andy Helms, Rebecca "Knuckles" Long, Chuck Rowles, Chris Chapman, Benjamin Cooper, Aaron Siego, Paul Fortier, Hunter Gallien, Johan R.H., Amanda Hardy, Josh Lowman, Jenny Lui, David Myers, Tom Sharpe, Tim Shea, Zoe Stead, Chris Whetstone, Shane B. Woodis, Michael Wriston, Anthony Wu, Monique MacNaughton, Darryl Hughes, and Chris Cantrell.

Re: Drunk Duck Books Available from

There needs to be some clarification. I'm afraid there's a slight misunderstanding.

Drunk Duck has released the anthologies for sale on I also set up a "Drunk Duck and associates" group that has all of the books listed above. ( which can be viewed at )

But only the anthologies will be used as fundraisers for Drunk Duck. The rest are author-owned works that will profit the authors directly. In fact, the only one Drunk Duck had any involvement in was the formatting of KC's book "Cat!", and all profits from that go to KC Green directly.

I figured that as long as we were releasing the anthologies, I should create a page displaying other books available through lulu that were created by artists that at one time were involved with Drunk Duck. (And will add more if someone tells me about them).


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Thanks for the additional information. 

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