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Speakeasy Comics Shutting Down

Comic publisher Speakeasy Comics is apparently shutting down operations according to posts at The Beat and Newsarama. Update: Tom Spurgeon has a roundup of news reports on the closing of Speakeasy. Plenty of rumours have been floating around about the state of the publisher during the month prior to this. Speakeasy was the publisher of print versions of webcomics Athena Voltaire and Butternut Squash. Tim Tylor noted that Alan David Doane also had some comments on his blog and this article from Steve Grant at CBR. Other comics impacted include Athena Voltaire by Steve Bryant and Paul Daily, and Half Dead (Never an online comic, but written by Barb Lien- and Park Cooper of Gun Street Girl fame.

Speakeasy NOT going down?

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Speakeasy's "News" section denies that they are shutting down.
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Vote Vito: Line Item Vito

Still Need More Information Though

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You're right and it's a redesigned website to boot.

But it's an awfully flimsy post given the emails and widespread coverage of their financial issues over the last month.  An actual press release or statement from the company would go a long ways to clarifying what about the year ahead Speakeasy has to be excited about.

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