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Joda Thayer and Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer

Indy-comicdom's cutest couple? Anyhow I recall talking with Dorkin and Dyer with a bit of a wince. I asked Dorkin about webcomics - I think I actually asked him about Serializer and whether he'd checked it out. He is a vibrant guy - sorta of a milder Eric Bogosian (or maybe that's just at conventions!) and he launched into a five minute or so rant about how he hates the idea of comics on a computer screen because he doesn't want to read it that way (hurts your eyes, that sort of thing). So not against webcomics per se, just not for him apparently. I tried to get Dyer to recommend something of hers to me - I'd never read any of her stuff and figured I'd check it out. That was tough though - she struck me as shy or simply uninterested in conversing at the convention. Still Dorkin is an interesting character and I've been a big fan of most of his work.

Joda Thayer does Few and Far Between which has been around forever but most recently has been published at the Serializer anthology site.