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Remembering Kitsune

Comixpedia recently reported the death of Selena Ulrich, AKA Kitsune, an avid fan of several webcomics and a promising cartoonist in her own right.

I realized that the picture that kept coming back to me was that of the character "Selena" named after her in Cool Cat Studio, and while that rendition pleased her, I was more interested in getting to know the real her.

Her own strip, C.Ulture Shocked, seemed a good place to start. I'd checked it out before, but not in a couple of years. The homepage still bears the mark of her last, hastily-dashed-off update, but she thoughtfully described the first couple of years' worth of material in her archive page, and if you only have time to read one, her last story, showcasing the disabled Carla pulling off a somewhat successful kidnapping, is a hoot. Prickly and megalomaniacal, Carla definitely feels like a part of the Kitsune that was. (Note: Later stories were drawn by Jo Wilson.)

Selena had done some fan art for Everything Jake, Clan of the Cats and most impressively, five other strips simultaneously.

She also leaves us a few Buffy fanfic. This one, proceeding from Season 3, is particularly sobering just now, as Buffy confronts friends' absences.

It helps.

A little.