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The Grand Comic Cycle

The Fear Mongers concludes today, July 9, 2004. The serialized graphic novel has been a weekly feature at Modern Tales, with story and art by Joe Zabel. The archive of 43 episodes will remain available to Modern Tales subscribers .

The Fear Mongers is a recreation of a 'lost episode' of the 1960's science fiction television show The Trespassers. The suspenseful episode focused on a patient in a mental hospital, a former astronaut whose paranoid hallucinations betray a terrifying reality.

Zabel's next effort for Modern Tales will be an anthology series titled House of Paradox, which is scheduled to premiere August 6, 2004.


Updates to Arc II of Malakhim can be found every Tuesday and Friday.

The war that has torn heaven and earth for thousands of years has begun to change. Rules are broken, honour shattered, boundaries destroyed. Even the eternal cannot survive the death of faith. What can one broken heart and one shredded soul possibly add up to against the gathering storm?

The universe is infinite. A heart is not.
Heaven won't wait forever.