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Achewood creator interviewed

There's a new interview with the creator of Achewood, Chris Onstad, where he talks a little bit about adapting to fan (and detractor) interaction:

You get used to hate mail and love mail and smart mail and thoughtful mail and kid mail and all of that. You develop a crucial thick skin. I doubt Keith Richards gets pissed off when people say he's ugly, to him that's just ambient noise. I'm used to people saying that Achewood is horrible, but I'm also used to people who write in to Ray's advice column with genuinely traumatic personal problems that they shouldn't be asking a cartoon cat.

Anyone who's fielded a lot of feedback email can probably attest to the truth of that. When your inbox gets pounded every day with love, hate and just plain ham-handed pleas for attention, you have to develop a sort of detachment over time or you'll have a nervous breakdown.