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Save The Norm

Apparently Michael Jantze recently decided to retire his comic strip "The Norm". But on his site there is now an open letter from his wife, Nicole.

As you know, Michael decided to retire THE NORM. After eight years of battling the syndicate-newspaper corporations, he felt it was time to move on. It wasn't an easy decision, trust me.

She continues:

If enough people became members of, I think we can convince Michael to keep drawing the strip -- NEW STRIPS -- beginning on November 1. So, in the short-term, you would get to keep reading a comic strip you love and in the long-term, we just might change the world of comics. Most of us don't read our comics in newspapers anyway, so let's break the chain and let's make THE NORM the hammer that does it.

Appealing to readers/customers has certainly had a number of success stories in the recent years, such as R K Milholland and Fantagraphics.