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Mozilla Firefox 1.0PR Released

If you were dithering about adding an RSS feed to your comic's website, now's the time. Support for the syndication technology is now a part of Mozilla Firefox as of yesterday's 1.0 Preview Release. The browser will attempt to autodetect an RSS feed when you visit any given site, and pop up a little orange icon in the status bar should it find one. From there, you can click on the icon and subscribe to any feed it discovers (and you get a choice when it discovers several). You then follow the update status of your subscribed feeds in a sidebar. It's not the first attempt to integrate the RSS reader and the browser, but it's arguably the first one likely to reach the mass market.

Windows users in particular are switching to Firefox (registration possibly required) at a brisk rate, given both the stagnation and rampant security issues which plague Internet Explorer. Even Microsoft-owned Slate recommended this strategy back in July of this year. But it's not just Firefox you'll be contending with if you want to captivate users in this fashion; Safari 2.0 will have rather yummy-looking RSS support when it ships with Mac OS X Tiger early next year. (Much to the consternation of us Panther users, I might add...)

I keep saying this, and it's true: there's no good reason to make your readers keep refreshing your index page, waiting for an update, when you can bring the update notification to them.