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Modern tales starts selling adspace

It appears that it soon will be possible to buy adspace on Modern tales and its sister sites.

Here's the thing. Despite the fact that the Modern Tales family is one of the most successful web comics businesses in existence, we're actually fairly new to the banner ad game: in the past, the primary business model for our websites has been subscription support. Subscription support will continue to bear the most weight in our business model, but we have decided to try to mix it up a bit, especially now that banner advertising seems to be coming out of the post-dotcom-crash doldrums.

The current introductory rates are pretty cheap. The cheapest, 2 USD will buy you 100 impressions and the most expensive, 20 USD, will buy you 15 000 impressions. The reasons given for these low rates are to gather necessary data on various things such as click-through rates, return on investment etc.

The ads will be seen on Graphic novel review and Talk about comics forums, and by non-subscribers on Modern tales, Girlamatic and Graphic smash, apparently not on Serializer though.