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The Japanese beetle leaves Graphic smash

On a post on the Talk about comics message board Dave "The Knave" White announces that he will be leaving Graphic Smash.

Today is the last Japanese Beetle strip for Graphic Smash. I just wanted to say thanks to T and Joey for giving it a chance. It's not you, it's me - and I really do mean that.

and on his website he adds

Well, and that's it for Graphic Smash. Thanks to T. Campbell, who's been a great editor, and to Joey Manley for making it all possible. I've had a good time at GS, but honestly, I'm just not a group-joining type of guy, and it feels kind of liberating to be back on my own again.

T Cambell's reply to Dave's post at TAC hints that The japanese beetle isn't the only strip that will soon leave Graphic smash.