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Warren Ellis on webcomics

As noted yesterday by Xerexes Warren Ellis has started plugging webcomics on his Die puny human blog (as of writing this he has just plugged Diesel sweeties and Jeff Rowlands Overcompensating).
Last friday he ask people to send him urls for their comics in a post (which can be read in our forum) to the Bad signal email list.
Today he has made more posts to Bad Signal regarding the webcomics medium (a small part of the first one is preproduced here):

I really like the idea of a new
movement of comics creators who
know absolutely nothing of print
comics and who could care less. I
want comics that go off in their
own unique direction, uncontaminated
by tradition. In print comics, the
generation behind mine is entirely
too polite, and entirely too male.

The entire posts (there's been three so far today) can be found in the Bad Signal archives (subscription necessary, but is free and easy to unsubscribe).