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Kochalka inteviewed on Comic Book Galaxy

Comic book galaxy has an interview with James Kochalka.

You started posting the strips online in 2002, and at the end of this year over two full years of strips will be available in color in your archive at What impact did taking the strip online have?

I made it much more fun to draw. Now I have nearly instant contact with my readers, and more importantly, the readers have nearly instant contact with my work. I live my life in real time, it's important that readers can read it in as close to real time as possible. The internet is the only way to make this happen.

Also, it's made a significant financial contribution as well. If readers want access to the archives of the strip, they can subscribe to for $1.95 a month. Already I'm making more money from the website than I'm getting in royalties for the print version from Top Shelf.

Found through Joey Manley's blog (you'll have to scroll down, the permalink didn't seem to work), where he ads:

Obviously, not every series from the independent comics world is going to adapt to the web as well as James' -- I've been a part of the experiment, and I know the numbers. His online success has been significantly greater than other strips that have tried the same thing. But the fact that the success is there is important. It's another outlet for a cartoonist who has proven himself to be a savvy marketer and tireless experimenter.