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front page layout

I think comixpedia's layout gets worse everytime they redesign it. The navigation bar at the top is a plus, but the front page is just like a hurt on the eyes. Maybe it's the columns are way too thin...I dunno, just something ain't clicking.


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Well two things - the design is really not done. I am getting as much done with Comixpedia as I can but I can't (or wont) turn over my whole day to it. So some of the obvious flaws in this design I know about it. There is a whole other design that I am about 75% of the way through turning into a Postnuke theme. And this one will get refined too. But the other point someone made about the front page being too busy. I'd be very interested in feedback on that - there's going to be a lot more going on at Comixpedia in 2006 and I was trying to make the home page more of a central point for everything. You get a snapshot of everything there. That's why I was also emphasizing the five subpages - news, magazine, community, library and portal so that if you knew what you wanted you could go straight to that part of the site. But nothing is ever set in stone forever so specific comments always get listened to.

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"Fenris" wrote: I think a

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Fenris wrote:
I think a lot of the congestion could be alleviated by using up some of the considerable whitespace on either side of the page. I'm in 1024x768 with Firefox, and I'd say there's a good 3cm of space on each border. If you expanded into that a good deal, it would solve some of the congestion.
A lot of people hate wide/flexible designs and just as many hate fixed 800 designs. After the 800 designs are done, a wide and/or flexible design will be next. There's just a limited amount of time I have and some things about Comixpedia have to go through me.

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Similar answer - I haven't made an effort to promote the portal b/c it's not fully operational yet. But it will be a top list plus another type of recommendation engine for webcomics. It will be cool but it's not done yet.

The visual mode is bothering me too - I thought I had set it to be off for the forum and other parts of the site it's not appropriate too but it's not working perfectly - in fact I think it's really off in firefox (although it may be ok in IE).

In any event it's on my todo list.

I am very interested in feedback on the front page - the ESPN design is very busy. While it may look better than Comixpedia it's even more crammed with information. So I'm not sure what to take from it right now.

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I have to agree, to be

I have to agree, to be honest.  while the old layout was somewhat rough, this o­ne is just confusing.  There's just too many different things happening o­n the front page.

I think a lot of the congestion could be alleviated by using up some of the considerable whitespace on either side of the page. I'm in 1024x768 with Firefox, and I'd say there's a good 3cm of space on each border. If you expanded into that a good deal, it would solve some of the congestion.

You can have a lot of information on the front page, but still have it more readable. I mean, look at . It's far more busy than the Comixpedia front page, but very easy to navigate due to the way it's organised, and some fairly simple colour usage.

But the first thing I'd do is make sure you're fully utilizing most of the page space.

I thought Straub was the mascot.

"Fenris" wrote: I thought

Fenris wrote:
I thought Straub was the mascot.
*shiftyeyes* I thought he was Kurtz's mascot. *flrrd* :D

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I actually like the new layout. I like being able to get an overview from the main page and then dive into the sections for more details.

I do agree it would be nice to turn off the "Visual mode" popup.

I'm still digging into the site so I'll have more to say later, I just wanted to get at least one general vote of support for the new design in. :)

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I know, for the most part, that intro pages have gone extinct - since the late 90's, but maybe this site would benefit from one. It would give it more of a magazine feel. You could continue with the monthly cover art, and attach a top level navigation to that page - and link the big image to the existing home page. (I'm thinking of Webcomics Examiner home page with additional navigation)

While having the latest forum points on the home page reminds us that it's there, I think it sorta pigeon-holes the topics - I find that I seldom go to the actual forum - I reply directly to the hot topics. I dunno what's the best addition to fix this, maybe an animated forum icon on the home page (Cat Garza Style heh heh) would help suck us into the vortex.

Comixpedia is evolving - I appreciate this place, so I am hesitant to give opinions - they aren't meant to be critical. And also, I can appreciate the conundrum of not having enough time. Anything I can help with?

Also, a while back someone mentioned this idea, I'll repeat it - Do you have a suite of buttons that we can all use to link up comixpedia? If we all add a link to comixpedia on our respective sites, it would do a lot to promote the community as a whole. I think a campaign to get people over to this site, contributing as a unified community would only do good things for webcomics.

Oh and a mascot. You gotta have a mascot! Everyone needs a mascot! We could spend the next 6 months fighting over what it should be. Imagine the resulting drama - juicy sweet drama...

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Here are some random, somewhat disconnected opinions:

I've always been confused by the navigation here a Comixpedia, including the new design. One of my main interests is the top list, which seems to have gone unnoticed until recently. I think a post on another website's forums mentioning there WAS a top list at Comixpedia made people aware of it. I point all this out to demonstrate that there was (is) something wrong with the navigation / site layout / structure such that so many people weren't aware of an entire area of the Comixpedia website.

You mention that there is lots more to come. Can you give us a preview? That might help clarify where you are going with the design.

In the new layout, what will "portal" be? Right now it points to the non-operational (or is it operational?) top list. But if that's what it is, why not call it "top list" instead of the generic "portal" which isn't descriptive.

What is the surf list? How does one get added to it?

When I post a message on the forum, I NEVER, EVER want to use Visual Mode. Can there please be a way for the software to stop asking me?

I don't want/need a configurable home page. I wouldn't spend your time and energy on providing this feature. What I want is THE home page to be clear and easy to navigate.

But most of all: if this is a "BETA" design, why has it taken over the ".com" URL? I'd rather that the beta design get pushed into some subdirectory while it is being fleshed out. That way, the "non-early adopters" wouldn't have to struggle with a transitional site. As it is now, to get to all of Comixpedia's content one needs to pick up a mixture of the old and new site: active forums have been moved to the BETA site, TopList, Surf List, etc. are only active on the OLD site.

Comixpedia offers so many things it can be confusing. I'd like the site navigation to be simple, simple, simple. Let the navigation reflect the site map at a glance.

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