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Forgotten Gems of the Web's Early Years?

I'm working on a feature for our February issue and I'd like everyone's help!

A working title for this feature might be something like: "golden era classics of the web you might have missed." The idea here being to draw attention to early favorites, fan or critic-wise. Although some of these might be popular today many of them will be gone or no longer updating for various reasons. And I'm really looking for a broad approach here - for example an early favorite that's gone is Mr Chuck Show by Jon Myers - not exactly high art but in it's time a fairly popular webcomic. Others you could dig up might not have been well known at all but are notable for artistic, technical or other reasons.

To play, reply with title, author, url and briefly, why you picked it! Thanks!

"TylerMartin" wrote: Spaz

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TylerMartin wrote:
Spaz Labs
I totally remember Spaz Labs! That did kind of disappear...

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

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I started reading webcomics in '02... um... well, Reslife by Dana Kelly dropped off the face of the earth some time ago. ( was the URL, I believe. It lapsed with time and then the archives on Keenspace got ate up when their drives died.) I remember people were upset, not just because of his fan following, but because he was selling Beer the Squirrel plushies at the time and a few didn't get them before he disappeared.

MallMonkeys had a pretty huge following when the artist decided to take time off for college. I remember dropping into the online comics scene and always seeing them mentioned on forums and on

I recall by Dan Miller having a pretty loyal following by the time it wrapped up, too. It's been about a year or so since that happened, so it's falling into webcomics antiquity, I'm sure

- Ben

Townie's picture used to be fairly popular but disappeared. There was much sorrow when Kenny ended fairly abruptly. I also recently found out that is updating again, though still as sporatic as ever

- Ben

Granted, 2000 wasn't THAT long ago, but six years is an eternity on the Intertron.

Bad Boys of Computer Science was probably the biggest influence on my early, gag run of Aikida. Nick never took himself too seriously, and the strip was almost always fun to read, even if it flopped. The strip had a great energy to it that is somewhat rare these days. It was a shame to see it go.

Dave Kelly's "Big Ones" ( ) was another one I liked. That's only a partial archive... he had some earlier ones, like MS Paint quality, but still hilarious.

Is Kelly still doing webcomics?

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I really miss Dr. Lobster.


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Two really, really old webcomics:

Space Moose (mirror, original site is dead)

The Parking Lot is Full

Why? Because they were the first ones I read. And they're funny- or at least, in my opinion they're funny. But I have odd tastes. :D

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Here's one from 2001-4 that's just got its archives back in browsable form: Albion Fuzz / Bohemials by James Roberts. I don't know how big a readership it had, but it was one of the best strips I knew at the time, and the strip I've missed most since.

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How about Mudpie, by Guy Gilchrist?


Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

"TylerMartin" wrote: He's

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TylerMartin wrote:
He's doing Flash animations.
LOL! Some of those are just INSANELY HILARIOUS! :lol: :D Shmorky is incredibly prolific - wow! :shock:


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Spaz Labs

The archive was gone for a long time but at some point it was put back up at its own domain. The creator is not really around though and even his own home page where the strips used to be hosted is gone.

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Yeah, made me sad.

Another webcomic that seemed to dissapear in its prime was Scott Thigpen's Demise Comics / Boomslang. The domain is gone to the netsearch rapists. It was very artsy and innovative being one of the first Flash comics I had seen.

I've talked to him since and he is just busy with freelance illustration these days.

"Fenris" wrote: Is Kelly

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Fenris wrote:
Is Kelly still doing webcomics?
He's doing Flash animations.

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We were all trying to make print comics work the late 90s, but as I watched these guys transition to the web, they planted the seeds that later convinced me to give webcomics a try, as well.

Jon Morris' Jeremy:

Cigarro & Cerveza:

Steve Rolston's Jack Spade and Tony Two-Fist:

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

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"Germane Grove" by Karin Kaltofen. It used to appear at the cartoonists' website.

I can't find either the cartoon or traces of the old website any longer. Both were gems.

Nor do I know where Karin is now or what she is doing.


EDIT: I last saw in 1997

Vote Vito: Line Item Vito

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When I first started reading webcomics I loved The Jar by Kittyhawk, who is now doing Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, but it's not online anymore. I also read Jackie's Fridge, but it stopped updating and then started again with sketches, and blah blah blah.

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Emiko's Genesis, possibly the first English webmanga ever, which started around 97. Sadly, the site is no longer online, but you can find the artist at

There's also Acid Reflux, which has died a few years back. is the Wikipedia entry, but the site itself seems to be down. Original, epic, and popular at its prime.

Demonology 101 ( ) & Exploitation Now were good comics, both ended.