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Need advice for a strip comic I'm doing!

Hey all! This is my first time posting...I need some help in making a decision!

I've been making a weekly strip for a kid's paper (aimed at ages 8-11, basically) called Battle Academy. It's a lot of fun to do...humour, action, martial arts, everything I love to draw and write about. It's also in color, and basically would update once a week (can't do anymore because my workload otherwise is massacre!).

My basic dilemma is whether or not I should make it an ongoing webcomic series. I like the characters, can probably think of endless stuff for them to do (at least 4 years worth of strips on the current schedule, I imagine), and love doing it...on the other hand, I don't know if it's something that will catch on, basically. Like...I can deal with doing it for a small audience, that's totally fine. I just have a problem with doing it for nobody but, that feels kind of silly to me.

So should I go for it? Should I not? I figure it's best to go to the experts about this one...

(Almost forgot! The website address is The webcomic can be found under the heading, "Webcomic". And thanks!)

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Absolutely, yes.

This is a nice looking comic, and what's the worst thing that can happen? Maybe you don't find an audience and you decide this isn't the project to do right now? Now harm no foul. But maybe you do find a huge audience and they follow every panel for that fours years or whatever of stories you have in your head.

You'll only find out if ya try.

Nice looking site too, by the way.

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By all means do the comic... I'm sure you'll get a fan base no problem once people find out about it.
And seriously, don't worry about your comic no going for the same audience that most are.
Remember that the reason most webcomics are adult based is because that's what they WANT to write, they aren't thinking "Oh I need to write an adult comic because that's what people like!" those are the jokes they think of...
I will probably never write a family friendly strip because those aren't the jokes I think of... but at the same time I don't make a point to put "fuck" in every comic. Do the comic you do naturally... that's how to make the best comic you can make.

I've recently been realizing that with my comic actually, only with the art and not writing, most comic use sprites of their characters and just repeat them... I never felt comfortable doing that, even though when other comics do it I feel it's fine. so I wanted to do a comic where all the art is fresh and snappy, yet the way i've been doing it has been taking so long and just didn't have the loose feel i wanted. Then I realized that it was because I wasn't doing my comic how i naturally imaged it... and how i naturally drew comics... and though this sounds sad... that way is as stick figures. That's when I really feel loose and free though, and also I can easily re-work stuff if i want. It just works better for me. I originally did the comics with fleshed out stick figures in mind... but now I realize that I shouldn't have tried to change it to fit what I think other people want because of what's out there now... I should do what's fun for me... because THAT will come across.

And the same applies to you and your writing. Besides... look at PvP... that's a mostly family strip and they're widely successful...
Do what you really do and it'll be unique, and that's what most webcomics are missing.

Oh and btw... the text in your comics is really small and hard to read... you might what to fix that.

Good luck!! ^_^


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The bottom line

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Well, you've already decided to do it, so this will be redundant, but I'll post my thoughts anyway.

The bottom line is that if you want to do it, then you should do it. You should focus on making yourself happy.

I hope you will forgive for talking out of my ass, but from your comments, I get the impression that you are very passionate about your work, and I therefore believe that if you were to not do this, you would regret it and would always be haunted by thoughts of things that could have been. Just do it. You'll feel much better.

Again, just focus on making yourself happy and doing what you want to do.

"Those who try to please everyone end up pleasing none."