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Unusual Webcomic Media

What unusual media have you seen and appreciated on Webcomics?

I recall at least one comic I've seen which was taken with a webcam and had posed action figures and rubber dinosaurs as the characters with text bubbles pasted on. I can't say it was an interesting comic but the idea at least sparked my interest even if the dialogue and story didn't.

I personally use 3D rendering for one of my webcomics and I like the freedom it gives me to play with camera angles and textures I could never draw in my lifetime.

Well if pencil's unusual, I'm sure charcoal counts...

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Comic in charcoal (and pen): GothBoy and Amaranth (uh, current chapter doesn't have any though! :D It has diluted ink instead. Also: Free Z (which also has chinese watercolor! OMG!)

... yes, these are all by me. ;)

Comics by a girl who likes sad things (but sometimes they are funny) -

A list

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For my own part, I've done jointed illustrator characters, who are easily animated in flash. I've done photocomics using action figures of historical figures,I've done mixing hand-drawn characters with photographic backgrounds, I've tried extremely infinite canvas and I've tried using animated gifs to create a changing comic

The most innovative thing I've seen done in a long time is The Panel Project by Kennedy Rose, which takes a popular-yet-banal newspaper strip and adds a "fixed" version that appears with a mouse rollover.


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Thanks for the kind words on behalf of everyone who participates here! There are so many smart people who comment here - you're bound to find something interesting and informative about webcomics.Â


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I must admit that I'm not

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I must admit that I'm not keen on the sprite comics as it's a kind of copyright theft. These are characters created and owned by someone else and the ones I've seen have been a bit gimmicky.

The characters and

The characters and foreground objects in my comic are hand-drawn while the backgrounds are rendered as vectors, then both are combined in the final product. It works out all right.

How about ballpoint pen? I

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How about ballpoint pen? I found myself doing quite a bit with just pen while at work and school. I was pretty fond of it. However, the style never really seemed to fit any of the comic ideas I had, so I don't have anything to show for it. But still... ballpoints can be really fun to shade with, even though it's pretty tedious.

Many folks may not like

Many folks may not like them, but sprite comics seem to have been pretty popular. And I have found them intriguing. Other than that, the media seems pretty standard. Though I have seen some comics done with Lego... I was actually thinking of doing one. Maybe I could break out my Legos and have a go at it after I finish grad school... (It'd be a crime drama comic, of course) -Seth

How about posed Godzilla

How about posed Godzilla toys?

I'd been using Painter and a tablet exclusively since 2000. :) Of course, I don't update anymore... :P

Yea, I prefer hand-drawn

Yea, I prefer hand-drawn too. Some 3D comics are cool, buton the whole they remind me of thier own medium, and I find that gets in the way of making them believable. I have the same problem with most sprite comics to be honest, they instantly remind me of a game, which then makes me think "yeah, but..." which is utter instant death to the suspension of belief. lego comics are AWESOME. The Sluggy Freelance lego week was the funniest thing in the world, they actually set things on fire and stuff, it was great! I presume the faces were edited in photoshop afterwards. I dunno what the link is though.... but yeah, I'd love to see more lego comics. :D

Well... Fred Gallagher has

Well... Fred Gallagher has been working with pencils for ages... As for unusual medias... Where is that comic with windows desktop icons as characters again? :-?

"timtylor" wrote: I don't

timtylor wrote:
I don't know if it counts as an "unusual medium", but I've seen some great work in pencil, such as LKM's Sea of Insanity.
In this day and age of digital mediums I'd say pencils are pretty unusual... and great pencil work even more unusual ~! :D ~Liriel

I don't know if it counts as

I don't know if it counts as an "unusual medium", but I've seen some great work in pencil, such as LKM's Sea of Insanity.

Painted pebbles.

Painted pebbles.

How about Bible stories told

How about Bible stories told with Lego blocks? Or, conversely; how about Cthulu tales told with plushies? :shock: oh, Hello, btw: I'm new here. Wikkinz: A Graphic Novel Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch? .. ..

IF anyones ever seen this

I'd have to agree that pencil and paper comics are harder and harder to find tese days, especially as people start branching out into the realms of 'infinite canvas' and whatnot. What I'd like to see would be someone who can blend the newest technologies with a good mastery of pen/ink or pencil and paper.

Quote: In this day and

In this day and age of digital mediums I'd say pencils are pretty unusual... and great pencil work even more unusual ~!
I agree. Good Artwork always makes me want to read a comic. Unforunately, it doesn't automatically make it a good comic. But, in all honesty, I rarely read a comic if I don't like the artwork. At least that way, if the story sucks, you still have something to look at... That's not a very smart approach, but I can't help it. *shrugs*

Well, I haven't seen any others like it, so I'm going to ASSUME it's new... the guy who "draws" the comic I write ( uses a drawing tablet and Painter. I'm not sure I like it as the medium for our comic, but I will admit that it's different.

I use a combination of old

I use a combination of old tech and new tech it seems.....I do all the drawing with pencils, then scan it and finish it off in painter, then letter in illustrator.

I appreciate

I appreciate I wouldn't call photos an unusual medium, but I like what they do with them. -p

the Digital painting of

the Digital painting of Machall is pretty unusual, most of the time people either draw out a background or just ignore it

Pure Text?

How about pure text as a medium? Like Hitherby Dragons and Fables From the Morning After. Unusual, yes, but do they count as webcomics?

MMmm, photos...

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[quote=dangerpest]I appreciate [url][/url]. I wouldn't call photos an unusual medium, but I like what they do with them. -p[/quote]

Yeah, I like their style. The photos are pretty good, too. I think as time goes on more people will be willing to be more experimental with their mediums. I'd like to see something done with paintings, but I haven't found anything yet.

My comic uses photos, but in the beginning I used photoshop a lot. Now I don't so much.

The infinite canvas is a neat idea, though. Oh heck, if it pushes any thing, whether it be medium or story it's a good turn into the right direction.

<a xhref="">Memories</a>

But there are lots of sprite

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But there are lots of sprite comics that use original sprites. Kid Radd and A Modest Destiny come immediately to mind.

Read Seventh Draft!

SVG webcomic

SVG is old web technology that never caught on but I think it's perfectly suited for webcomics. And thanks to the latest version of Firefox supporting SVG natively, I launched my webcomic 30itis entirely in SVG.


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I'd have to go with the rubber dinos here, I don't think sprite/pencil/digital paint is all that unusual. Cascadia has been digitally painted for years and it actually has lines :-p Disciple does some intense digital backgrounds too. Hot Soup used to do amazing things with pencils, and I think Bad Blood is still mostly pencil shaded, there are a lot of people who emulate MT too.

I've seen other things with posed toys before, but not as webcomics, just as part of comedic websites, so I think it's probably still unusual. 3D modelling is becoming more and more common but it's still rather rare to my perspective...

I'd like to see claymation comics ;)


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m_estrugo - I like your Film Cartridge comic concept! Show us more!

gmcaplan - Indeed - drawing Multiplex in Illustrator must be rather time consuming.
I draw Cybertropolis in Illustrator - each episode takes quite a bit of time to create!
If you want to make Multiplex into mini movies/cartoons one day - the fact that you create your current comic in illustrator will make things that much easier once you learn Flash - and you may find that Flash is much easier than you think - so get busy! ;) Looking forward to those cartoons! :)

So Hey! Cybertropolis is pretty unusual in the way it is done and presented - Check it out!

Art is finished in Illustrator and ported to Flash where I often add bit and pieces of extra animation and movement.

Oh yeah - I frequently start out with concepts in Crayon... Love those Crayons! Down the line I'll have to do some Mini_byte episodes that are straight from crayon concept to flash and I'll skip the Illustrator part... that would definitely be unusual LOL!


Thousand Year-Old Clip Art?

Our group daily Myrth is assembled using Adgame Wonderland's Historic Tale Construction Kit, which uses images from the Bayeux Tapestry.

The reason was pure laziness on our part.

Love that!

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That one's going in my bookmarks :)

It looks kind of like those

It looks kind of like those flash cartoons that use joints for animation.

also: I wonder what the sprite comics I checked out several years ago were. I read 8-bit theatre at some point, but that's all I remember. Man, where does the time go.

<a xhref="" target=blank>Kiwis by beat!</a>

Yeah, I originally wanted to

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Yeah, I originally wanted to do Multiplex as a Flash cartoon, but never learned Flash. I'd still love to do it as a cartoon... someday...

Multiplex is a twice weekly humor comic about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the movies that play there.

Well, I draw Multiplex

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Well, I draw Multiplex entirely in Illustrator. I'm not the first to do it -- obviously Scary Go Round beat me to it -- but they WAY I do it is different from any webcomic I'm aware of: I take sort of a paper cut-out approach to the art (like South Park, but more detailed). It's actually more time-consuming than just drawing by hand, but I'm usually pretty happy with the results.

Multiplex is a twice weekly humor comic about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the movies that play there.

Oooh. Memories!

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I remember that, back in 1994, when I was young and creative and was on college, I got an used film cartridge, cut a few slices of paper, pasted them together to make a sort of 'film', doodled a comic on the strip -heh, literally, a long comic strip- and then put it in the cartridge. I still have that peculiar comic. Here you've got a couple of pics of it. Do you think it fits into the 'unusual' category?


Any advances in Unusual Comics Medium?

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This was a fascinating thread I'd like to see if anyone has anything to add to - really it's a thread about unusual media to put comics on (presented on the web or not)...


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